Saturday, March 02, 2013

Ad Dictum

In my ‘My Document’ folder and ‘Blog Entry’ subfolder, there lie plenty of half-written blog posts that were left unfinished. Cause halfway in my writing I decided that I got bored of my own story, and sometimes I was preoccupied with other petty chores and I lost flow and momentum. To start again, I need to revoke the whole entry might as well open a new word document. Some were left incomplete and fragmentary maybe because I had some sort of fugue or absent seizure that I wondered and got lost in the worldwide web.
My body is a temple of caffeine. I am an addict. First step to recovery is admitting the problem. Only I am not planning to recover from such stimulant. I am not a hardcore user (denial), my caffeine worshipping is deluded by my hypochondriac nature. Trying to rationalize myself that drinking 8 liters of green tea steep with 16 bags of tea per day is okay, it’s an antioxidant, it’s healthy, I am Japanese at paradox. My body is so depended on them that depriving myself more than 8 hours will assure me of excruciating withdrawal headache. Maybe the problem is I hate getting sick, in my growing years I am at every family physicians books, and I always give them good business. Getting an acute tonsillitis mean that I will jump from one family physician to another all within a week, assuming antibiotic will work like magic bullet as they were regarded back on those penicillin discovery days, to treat clap.

                Caffeine and me is like air to lungs, we have such affinity to each other. It can survive without me, better given O2 concentrated, but I can’t. I am an obsessed lover who has been writing about it like a faithful worshipper. World without caffeine is like planet sans orbit which in case, we’re done for.

                I’m burning my incense of sanity, on the altar of addiction. Get down own my knee and pray for absolution.

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